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Part of EKKO Maskiner

Formit is a product brand owned by EKKO Maskiner A/S. Formit completes the lineup from Field to Peeled products.


The FORMIT profilers (shapers) produce a round “ball-shaped” product from an irregular shaped raw material. Cube-shaped products can also be used as raw material.

All of the profilers developed and manufactured by FORMIT are protected by patents.

All FORMIT profilers can be operated without the addition of  water into the shaping process. Water is only required for cleaning and washing purposes.

The profiler can shape such products  as potatoes, carrots, apples, melons etc, into a ball.

The FORMIT profiler can produce a round ball from an unpeeled raw material, however it is recommended to use peeled products as the raw material. The use of peeled raw material increase the capacity, improves the quality and extends the user-life of the shaping rolls.

FORMIT has delivered profilers with the diameters of the final products ranging from 17 mm to 57 mm.

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