Formit ProX Profiler


The FORMIT ProX is designed from aluminium (anodized) and stainless steel.
The profiler is suitable for smaller installations with a ready product production capacity of up to 150 kg/ hour.

The ProX profilers are suitable for producing balls sized between 17 and 33 mm.

The feeding of the raw material into the ProX is important for successful production results.
It is recommended to place a good speed controlled conveyor in front of the profiler.

Raw materials, such as potatoes and carrots (cut), can be successfully used. Cube shaped raw material can also be used.

It is recommended to pre-peel all the raw material before use. Pre-peeled raw material improves the quality of the final product, increases the capacity and extends the user-life of the cutting edges on the shaping rolls.

After the shaping process, it is recommended that the products are washed.

For removal of the secondary product, we recommend the installation of a pump or some other transportation system underneath the machine. When producing balls from a pre-peeled product of a good size, the quantity of the secondary product may be almost the same as the primary product produced.

The ProX is not recommended to be used with soft material such as melons.


Standard diameters
17,19,21,23,25,27, 29,31 and 33 mm
850 mm
1100 mm
320 mm
80 kg
50-150 kg/h
Supply voltage
200-405VAC 3-phase 50/60 Hz
Connecting Load
0.75 kW
Water connection
1/4" or 3/8" (optional)
Noise level
Consignment size
900 x 420 x 630 mm
Transport weight
93 kg



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