Profiling Potatoes

Pro-profilers can be successfully used for various products


Profiling potatoes

The profiling of potatoes should always be performed using pre-peeled products as the raw material. Using a pre-peeled raw material results in a higher quality final product and improves the capacity, in addition to extending the user-life of the shaping rolls.

Using an un-peeled raw material in the profiler always wears the rolls faster than when using a pre-peeled product. Un-peeled raw material always contains some amount of sand and soil in the skin (even when washed). The skin is also the hardest part of the potato, therefore using a pre-peeled product is an easy way to increase capacity.

The raw material used should be only a little larger than the final product to avoid unnecessary waste. The capacity (production / hour) is also smaller, if there is a large difference in the size between the raw material and the final product.

It is possible to cut potatoes into cubes and use the cubes as raw material.

The feeding of the raw material into the profiler is important. The feeding should be speed controlled and a good conveyor should be used.

A “minikriel” can be produced by using cubes as raw material and the corners are merely rounded by the profiler.