General description.

The purpose with the Water silo is to soften potential soil on the vegetables, before it is being conveyed to another destination. The vegetables are being unloaded in the silo, and stay there for a suitable time. Then it is being conveyed with the elevator to a destination with often is a washing machine. The machine consist of following main components: Frame build from steel, drive- and turn-drum placed at each end of the conveyor, a propulsion unit – most often an electric motor – and an endless vulcanized conveyor belt of either rubber or PVC.

Functional Description:

The belt is brought to rotation around the drive- and turn-drum by means of the propulsion unit. The vegetables are loaded into the silo and are transported with the belt to the unloading destination.


EM 1132

Elevator 500×2750 mm
Capacity: 1,5 m³

EM 1133

Elevator 500×3500 mm
Capacity: 3 m³

EM 1134

Elevator 500×4000 mm
Capacity: 4 m³