Hedgehog belt


General description

Hedgehog belts are used for sorting out tops and other plant parts, that are not wanted to apear later in the production. The hedgehog belt will normally be linked to a wasteconveyor or simmular, to disposel of vegetabel waste.

The machine consists of the following main ingredients: Underframe and conveyorframe build in steel, driving- and turningrolls placed in each end of the conveyorframe, an electromotor and an endless vulcanizeded hedgehog-belt with hogs made of rubber. The conveyorframe is adjustable to the underframe, so that the hedgehog-belt, by turning the handle, can be inclined in the angel wanted.

Functional description

The endless hedgehog-belt turns on, and vegetables are loaded on the conveyor/elevator  ahead which brings the vegetables to the hedgehog-belt. The hedgehog-belt is placed tilted downwards, and towards the machine ahead. When the products hits the hedgehog-belt the vegetables and bigger sizede parts will fall into a mashine bellow or a transportationbox, or simular, while the vegetable waste being catched by the hogs and will be dumped on a wasteconveyor, in a waste box or simular.


EM 1396

Width: 800 mm