Screen grader


For careful grading of potatoes and onions, capacities of 10-70 t/h.The machines are equipped with screen belts with mesh sizes from 20 to 85 mm, and in widths from 600 to 1800 mm. With this system, any grading solution can be structured, as the system consists of modules which can be combined in several ways. The graders are provided with elastic drop dampers in order to break the fall between screen belt and conveyor belt. Moreover, the screen graders are fitted with a freely running lifting roller which ensures that the products are loosened from the screen belt before the draw roller. All types from 900-1800 mm are equipped with transverse belts and separate adjustable speed motor for shaker.


Model Screen width conveyor size capacity
EM 3006
600 mm
900x1750 mm
10 t/h
EM 3009
900 mm
900x2000 mm
20 t/h
EM 3012
1200 mm
900x2250 mm
30 t/h
EM 3015
1500 mm
900x2750 mm
40 t/h
EM 3018
1800 mm
900x3000 mm
50 t/h
EM 3024
2400 mm
900x3500 mm
70 t/h



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