Screen grader – horizontal


General description

The screen grading machine is used for grading potatoes and onions by size. Each grading module can separate products smaller than the mesh size of the riddle belt. The mesh size of the riddle belt is customer’s choice. A shaker mounted below the riddle belt generates a vibration of the products and the riddle belt ensuring an effective and gentle grading of the products.
The screen grading machine is often delivered with underlying conveyors.
The grading modules can be combined, and that makes it possible to grade several sizes on the same line.

The machine can be delivered with various capacities.


Model Screen width conveyor size capacity
EM 4012
1200 mm
1500x2500 mm
20 t/h
EM 4020
2000 mm
1500x3250 mm
40 t/h
EM 4024
2400 mm
1500x3750 mm
50 t/h



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