Roller inspection table – standing model


General Description:

The roller table consists of a row of PVC rollers on which the vegetables are gently transported. During the transport across the roller table there is the option of manual grading.
The rollers are mounted on a chain with extended pins and they rotate. Thereby the vegetables can be inspected from all sides.


The vegetables are transported across the rotating rollers and can be manually graded. A light is placed above the roller table which makes irregularities of the products more visible. Poor vegetables are thereby easier to sort out. The speed of propulsion of the products can be regulated at the vibrator on the motor.


All with frequency controller 0,75kW.
Middle waste channel for 1000 mm width and above. 

EM 1711

Width: 500 – 1500 mm
Length: 2000 mm

EM 1712

Width: 500 – 1500 mm
Length: 2500 mm

EM 1713

Width: 500 – 1500 mm
Length: 3000 mm

EM 1714

Width: 500 – 1500 mm
Length: 3500 mm

EM 1715

Width: 500 – 1500 mm
Length: 4000 mm