Peeling Sweet Potatoes

COMBI-peelers can be successfully used for various products

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes peeling with the combi-peeler

Sweet potatoes can be successfully peeled in the COMBI-1000 peeler (sweet potatoes of smaller sizes can also be peeled in the COMBI-5).

The result of peeling the sweet potato is good and the ends of the products are also well peeled.

Due to the large size of the raw sweet potato material, the feeding of the raw material is very important. Feeding at too high a quantity prevents the raw material from “tumbling” in the peeler and the result of the peeling will not be good.

In the case that the quantity of the raw material is too low, damages may be caused to the peeled product.

The Combi-5 is recommended for use with raw sweet potatoes up to max diameter 10 cm.