Jacuzzi watersilo


General description. 

The Jacuzzi water bunker are used for gentle in load of root crops. The product is not only soaked, but also washed. The Jacuzzi replace the combination: Bunker,soil separator, and washer, in a way which makes the whole process far more gentle. When the products are taken up along the web-chain elevator, the products has not been in contact with any form of mechanical parts at all. But still the root crops are basically clean. You can place an EKKO Polisher directly after the Jacuzzi.

Functional description:

The endless Web-chain is brought to rotation around the drive- and turn-drum by means of the propulsion unit. The vegetables are loaded into the silo and are transported with the Web-chain to the unloading destination.


EM 1135

Web chain elevator 800x4500mm.
Airblower for jacuzzi effect.
Cirkulation pump.
DN200 pneum. water outlet valve.