Electrical zig zag drop damper


General description:

Zig-zag drop dampers are used for gentle filling of vegetables in big sacks and boxes.

The machine consists of the following main components:
  • Chassis – frame of steel
  • Damping tablecloth in PVC.
  • Electrical-motor for up-down funtion of drop damper.
  • Control box.
Funcktional description:

The drop damper are mounted on conveyors and / or elevators where fall injuries of products will be avoided. The vegetables from conveyor belt or elevator in the lowered zig-zag drop damper, which automatically raises until the box or the big sack is filled with vegetables without fall injuries.


EM 1865

Size: 500x500mm
200 mm drop height

EM 1867

Size: 700x700mm
275 mm drop height