General Description:

Conveyor belts are used for transport of mixed cargo or bulk goods – including vegetables – from one point to another – The transport is either horizontal, rising or falling. The machine consists of the following main components: Frame built from steel, drive- and turn-drum placed at each end of the conveyor, a propulsion unit – most often an electric motor – and an endless vulcanised conveyor belt of either rubber or PVC.

Functional Description:

The endless belt is brought to rotation around the drive- and turn-drum by means of the propulsion unit. The vegetables are loaded onto the carrying side of the belt from the machine in front and are transported with the belt to the unloading ground.


EM 1600 Belt conveyor – Standard edition

Our standard conveyor is available in variable length and width. It is characterized by its flat belt.

EM 1601 Trough formed conveyor

The trough formed conveyor is a variant of our standard conveyor, but with a belt shaped as a trough. 

Custom-made conveyor

Our standard and trough formed conveyor can both be delivered in a custom-made version as required. The belt can be delivered in special editions and with cleats.