Big bag filler


The product is by elevator carried up to the big bag, which will automatically move to start position right below the conveyor. As the big bag is filled, the platform with the big bag will move downwards by way of photoelectric control. When the big bag is full, it is disengaged by the automatic bag release and can be taken away by truck without the driver having to step out. The system gives a very quick, but still careful filling with minimum drop. EM 1882 is designed for continuous working and can from the control panel be operated by one person. The system, which can be used both for washed and unwashed products, is very sturdy in construction and can be moved around by truck. The big-bag filler can, moreover, be delivered with a digital weighing system, which weighs either a given quantity in the big bag or a total quantity. 


EM 1881

Single big bag filler with aut. up/down platform. Elevator 600x4500mm. Aut. strap release. Controlbox.

EM 1882

Double big bag filler with 2 x aut. up/down platforms. Elevator 600x5000mm. Rev. top conveyor 400x2500mm. Aut. strap release. Controlbox.