Inload Hopper, Water filling

The purpose with the inload hopper is to soften potential soil on the vegetables, before it is being conveyed to another destination. 
The vegetables is unloaded in the silo, and stay there for a suitable time. Then it is being conveyed with the elevator to a destination with often is a washing machine.
The elevator consists of a chain belt, driven by a mechanical speed variator.


Model Elevator dimension W/L  Capacity
EM 1135 600×3000 mm. 1,5m3
EM 1136 600×3500 mm. 2,5m3
EM 1137 800×3500 mm. 3,5 m3
EM 1138 800×4000 mm. 5,0m3


For gentle inload of root crops in production lines, EKKO Maskiner A/S has developed a water bunker with “Jacuzzi” bubble bath. The stainless tank contains 34 m³. Apart from pumping 150 m³ water through the tank per hour, we at the same time blow huge amounts of air in through 3 mm holes at the bottom.

Thereby an agitating process, without damaging mechanical parts is created. Thus the product is not only soaked, but also washed. ”The Jacuzzi” replaces the combination: Bunker, soil separator, and washer, in a way, which makes the whole process far more gentle. When the products are taken up along the discharge elevator, the product has not been in contact with any form of mechanical parts at all. But still the root crops are basically clean. You can place an EKKO Polisher directly after the “Jacuzzi”.

The powerful agitation, created by the air, secures at the same time a perfect distribution in the tank, which again ensures that you can empty a container into the water in a very short time.

The “Jacuzzi” requires establishment of an outdoor system of sedimentation tanks, where the huge water streams have time to settle. Minimum 3 tanks with overflow between them, should be established. The total bulk content of these tanks should be about 10 times bigger as

”The Jacuzzi”, (300-350 m3).

Contact us for further information, and demonstration.

Model Dimension W/L  Number of nozzles
EM 1151 3000×6000 mm. 6
EM 1153 3000×9000 mm. 8
EM 1155 3000×12000 mm. 10

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