Hydrocooler Tank

Hydrocooling intended for “high speed” cooling of carrots before weighing.

Hydrocooler is located just before the weighing machine so only the finished product is cooled
whish is saving energy. Also the sorting staffs avoid working with cold carrots.
Hydrocooler is fitted with external strainer to flush, which is very easy to keep clean.
Hydrocooler can be connected to an existing cooling system with a special coaxial evaporator.
The hydrocooler capacity is dependent on the capacity of the cooling system.
Practical tests have shown that carrots with an inlet temperature of 15-20 °,
is cooled to a core temperature of 3-4 degrees with a capacity of 2 to 4 tons per hour.

Hydrocooler flat-belt

For instant cooling of root crops EKKO maskiner A/S has developed a new flatbed Hydrocooler. With an automatic swivelling feeder belt, the root crops are laid out in a 300 mm thick layer on a flush-grid chain belt in plastic.

The flow rate speed is step-lessadjustable by means of a frequency control. The machine can be built after sizes, and is available for all capacities, and for cooling from 25ºC down to 2ºC core temperature.

The hydrocooler functions by sprinkling of icewater (+ 1ºC) in huge amounts over the whole length. The water gather in a tank with 4 sections, each with a pump that ensures continuing re-circulation. In each cycle the water passes a cooling tower.

The advantage by a flatbed Hydrocooler, in comparison with our conventional tank Hydrocooler, is that it can be built to huge capacities, up to 25-30 tons/hour. If you wish to install the Hydrocooler after a grader, it can be equipped with internal, separate lanes, each containing its grading.

The Hydrocooler is equipped with photo sensor controls that speeds up the flush grid chain by overfilling, as well as slows it down by underfilling.

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