Bassin washer

Ekko Washing machine is designed for gently cleaning of all kinds of root vegetables. The Washer consists of a tank with door throughout the drum length and sloping bottom for easy cleaning. The drum is V-belt mounted and fitted with custom-made carriers to ensure a good and gentle washing
.The output elevator is fitted with nozzles for after hosing with clean water.
 Washer is manufactured as both right and left models.

Washing Drum in stainless steel.
Sludge pump for pumping of sludge and water incl. level regulation.
Photocell Control of level in the washing drum start / stop of the feed belts.
Extra nozzle pipe in the washing drum.
Stone separator connected with the washer.


Model Dimension drum Dimension elevator Capacity Carrots Capacity Potatoes
EM 1310 Ø650×1000 mm. 300×1000 mm. 1,0 T/h 1,5 T/h
EM 1315 Ø800×1500 mm. 500×1600 mm. 2,5 T/h 4,0 T/h
EM 1320 Ø800×2000 mm. 500×1600 mm. 4,0 T/h 6,0 T/h
EM 1323 Ø950×1500 mm. 500×1600 mm.
EM 1324 Ø950×2000 mm. 600×2000 mm.

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